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Quick Sale

Do you want to make a quick sale? If everything can be brought together, it is possible to do a closing within a day.

But everybody has to have their ducks in a row. It helps if there’s not a mortgage on the property, and they are really realistic about what they want on the property. But it is very possible! Sometimes to sell your house in a day folks might get fixated on the idea that I just walk up and hand him a briefcase or a box full of cash. But in North Carolina state laws require that it can be done that way, not if somebody wants title insurance on the property and on the estate.

You know, these things need to be done in a legal way and an attorney needs to be involved and draw paperwork. I think this term is sometimes used for folks to understand that the home purchase can be done in an extremely short amount of time. It is possible to close a home and a day. But you’d probably want to get started early in the day! If you can sign the paperwork and can get all the paperwork set up within a day, and I think that’s what most people mean by getting it sold within a day. Then schedule out the actual sale for when it’s best for the seller and the attorney.

However, if you really want a quick sale of a home within a day, it is very possible. I have definitely closed transactions and title and given cash for a home within a day.

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Quick Sale