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Quick Sale Homes

Quick Sale Homes:

How fast do you need to do it? We can do quick sale homes in as little as 24 to 48 hours, as quickly as the attorney can have it done, or even set it up to finish and put a close date in the future. We have done things like that many times for folks over the years. We have set up many relationships with resources like attorneys and such over the years to where we can do this very quickly.

Because of those valued and trusted relationships that we have already in place, we can get this done for an individual much more quickly than they could do on their own. Inside of a quick sale, we can move very quickly, because its just myself and the homeowner with an attorney to finalize the documents. But inside of the real estate transaction, you are depending on it and attorney, paralegals as fast as they can research the title and other documents and draw the paperwork and documents. As well as how fast can they get the funds in their escrow account. And sometimes you forget how involved it can be if there is a loan to be paid off or a judgment that needs to be paid off. And that can be dictated by how quickly that research comes.

So we have these relationships set up and established and trusted where the attorneys and such know us and are ready to make this happen for individuals and a very very fast amount of time. Even considering the problems I just mentioned, we have the process set up to where we can expect and be prepared for these types of things. So in the end we can get the home sold in an extremely fast amount of time.

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