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Are you tired of paying 6% to someone you don’t know to do something that you can do yourself and save the $$$$$.  If you list your home for 100K you will pay $6K to agents and that’s a lot of $$$$$$.

Before you list and bring on all the other hassle of a listing:  strangers going thru your home to see it, having to drop everything you are doing and leave so that you can have a showing, having people give irritating feedback as to why they don’t like your home, always having to clean and keep your home top notch for that possible showing—-very stressful, etc……

Consider selling it yourself.  We don’t pay full retail for a home, but if you have ever faced any of the above struggles, I hope that you understand the value of selling your home and bypassing the listing process.

I can offer to pay you cash, buy as-is, and close when you need to close.  You avoid unknown days on the market, the hassle of listing and all the paperwork, the home inspection, the repair requests, the appraisal, the deal falling apart, etc.  And the bottom line in todays market, you can sell it and walk away knowing that the transaction is done.

And you save 6% just by calling me first.  And when you are selling a home, that is a tremendous discount!


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