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How to Sell House Quickly

There are many ways for how to sell a house quickly but most won’t get the job done in the way a seller would like. The bank will always accept it back, though at a price which is not an option unless money is no matter for it. Already a homeowner is purchasing the home 3 times over at the price of most loans over a 30 year period Especially considering that home loans dictate that all of the interest is paid off up front. For example the first payment made on the loan is 100% interest and doesn’t affect the principal even $.01.

So when a homeowner finds themselves in a situation needing to be rid of a home because of its bad loan, that homeowner could even have been paying for 10 years on the home and barely built even the slightest equity. Although looking back at that point, most often at least 50% of the home’s value has actually been sent in payments to the bank. So Homeowners in this position should give themselves some grace, as the banking system has setup a rather unfair method of protecting themselves without much regard for the citizen.

This is why an equity at even 10 years or more into the home can have no balance above the home sale at its optimal price, because after banking return fees, sales fees, realtor fees, loan origination fees at setup, and lawyer and title fees at the sale, the homeowner can easily find themselves with an insignificant leftover monetarily, as well as no home to show for it after the sale.

So in a situation where many homeowners find themselves in, especially in the current unfair economy & job market, releasing the home with as little of the above as possible can be an experience that leaves the seller in a much better situation. That’s what I Buy Homes LLC is setup for, and though the process has never been fun for a homeowner, the aftermath can be a lot more enjoyable than through traditional methods.

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