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Cant sell my house

Can t Sell My House

Q: Cant Sell My House. A: Contact David Grady

I do a lot of consultations where a person says “Cant sell my house“. I think this is a very unfortunate situation for a homeowner to be in. it is a bit unfair that in the past, banks could do so much to assist a person in getting house, but when in a dire situation where the home needs to be released, the bank does so little to assist with that as well, the homeowner rarely accounts for all of the extraneous costs that are going to be involved with the home sale. Paying for the realtor, the attorney and title fees, the inspection fees, the longer, and other such fees, whether some or all or more fees that I mentioned, it becomes a real headache.

Also, the equity that was built on the home quickly disappears through these processes. A lot of times, the pricing of the home is dictating the slow response and selling it. In another page on this website, I explained how overpricing of the home can actually cost more in the end than just discounting the price in the beginning in order to get a quick sale then, the home is considered less valuable because of the time on the market. I always feel bad when I meet a homeowner in the situation. When the home sale is delayed because of elements that could have been avoided in the beginning, it can be a sticky situation. That’s why its important to get a consultation early, and really look life in the eyes by getting all the direct facts up front.

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Cant sell my house