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Can I Sell My House?

Can I sell My House

Can I Sell My House

If you are asking “Can I sell my house?”, my answer is, “You can easily sell your house with us.” I have personally purchased quite a large number of homes, hundreds of transactions with homeowners desiring to sell their home.

I work best with homes that have had some difficulty in selling. There are a large variety of reasons a home might be tough to sell in the normal way. We offer creative solutions to allow your home to be released from your responsibility. Many situations like foreclosure, divorce, liens, late payments, short sale, and many others put a homeowner into a situation that is not good for them to continue making payments on the home. It is often best to release the ownership of the home in order to “retreat and regroup” as a General might say, “live to fight another day.”

Because home ownership is one of the most responsibility laden situations of ownership in America, a homeowner can very often find themselves in a relaxed and peaceful position shortly after relinquishing the home ownership. Often times, becoming a renter can solve an enormous amount of problems, just by lightening the load and responsibility that the home owner was experiencing. The amounts monthly payments can become even less, as being a renter can give more options to find homes and be more fluid in area, amongst other things, where they can end up in a better home that’s better to their needs.

Also extraneous expenses that come with home ownership can be dissolved. For example, new roof cost can be upwards of $5000 in one fell swoop. But, in a renting situation, the renter would not even notice this cost, because the landlord is responsible for that. Even smaller costs like a broken water heater or pipe, a small $500 expense, would not even be up to the renter. So there are many good parts of becoming a renter and relinquishing all the responsibility the home ownership forces.

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Can I Sell My House