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Are You a Landlord?

Are you a landlord tired of dealing with evictions and messy tenants? Maybe your property is costing an enormous amount in maintenance and repair costs, or your tenants haven’t paid rent recently. We know how frustrating the eviction process can be, or even just the day to day maintenance and repair requests.

There are several ways we can help.

Option 1, if you want to sell your house for cash, we’re happy to make an offer. Option 2, if you own the house outright, we could help you maintain a long-lasting stream of income without the headache of maintenance and repairs!

Contact us to learn about owner financing. Option 3, don’t want a major tax event? We can pay you a lump sum and take over your mortgage payments. That way you can avoid paying taxes on a sale, and I still put cash in your pocket while relieving yourself of the headache of maintenance and tenants.

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