Cash for House Asheville NC

Cash for House Asheville NC

It’s pretty straightforward, this is something where we look at your house and give you “cash for house“. If we’re interested in it then we work out the details as far as a win-win for what you want for price and what we want to buy as an investment. It is a cash purchase, pure and simple, on the home.

We are not depending on a bank for the money for an appraisal. It will truly be a cash purchase on the home delivered directly at closing. No strings or contingencies on financing, as we don’t use a bank, so we can bypass their approval process which kills many normal home deals. Versus a bank where you go 60 to 90 days out and find out that the bank cannot invest in the house.

If it’s a home that ends up being a cash purchase, it will be end up being dictated as so because of the conditions that the home is in. So sometimes things that are wrong with the house allow us to buy it a lot more easily than a bank could.

It’s cash in hand, through an attorney of course because this is all legal of course. So it can really make a difference by not having to wait all that time. And we can usually dictate the discount with it and create a cash in hand type of transaction that’s very quick and a lot more simple.

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